Goliath Carts claims that the ROI for carts can be as little as 2 months!!!

Mobilizing your technology and products with Goliath Carts makes your shop more efficient!

Here’s why.  Using the Goliath Carts in the shop eliminates the following:

  • Eliminate wasteful trips back and forth
  • Eliminate errors
  • Eliminate distractions

Potential savings computations:

  1. Number of minutes per hour that are wasted
  2. Labor Rate of the employee
  3. Number of hours in a week.
  4. Cost of Goliath G1 cart.
  5. Number of carts in use


In this example, there is 1 cart, the hourly rate of the employee is $25/hr, and it is a 40 hour work week.  We are also using full retail pricing for the Goliath G1 Cart.

Savings per year = fractional percentage of hour X 40 / X 52 weeks = Savings per year

Hours saved per year = minutes per hour X 8 = per day / X 5 = per week / X 52 = Hours saved per year

ROI = Saving per year % 12 = savings per month

Goliath Carts ROI

Remember, there are many ways to measure ROI!  As a result of having your employee at the vehicle with the technician you also get the following benefits from your employee!

  • More accuracyof information (estimates, supplements etc.)

o   Less supplements

o   Fewer issues with parts, leakage etc.

  • Decreased cycle timedue to

o   More Productivity of your employee

o   More efficient and less waste

  • Happier customers and insurance companies