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The PR1 “Parts Cart”

The PR1 Parts Carts is a simple and effective parts management tool.  It has folding shelves and bumper stands and hooks for handing parts on the back.  The fine mesh on the shelf keeps small parts from falling through.

After use, the carts can then be folded up and nested for space saving storage. These combined features make the PR1 “Parts Cart” an amazing addition to any shop, manufacturing facility, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

For more information about The PR1 “Parts Cart” please feel free to contact our knowledgeable and helpful staff here at Goliath Carts anytime.

The PR1 “Parts Cart”

  • Helps Organize and Stage Parts
  • Carts Nest for Space Saving Storage
  • Bumper Racks
  • Small Mesh Shelves to hold small parts
  • Assembles in 10 Minutes
  • Great Accessories available to extend functionality!
  • PR1 Parts Cart
  • 3 Folding Shelves
  • 3 Hooks
  • 2 Sets of Bumper Arms
  • Swivel Wheels (2 Locking)
  • Panel Cart – An extension to the parts cart that allows you to store large panels. 
  • RO Holder – Comes with a whiteboard, and a plastic sleeve for holding the paper RO. The RO Holder can be placed on any shelf or at the top of either of the uprights.
  • “The Pan” – Techs will load fasteners and components into “The Pan” left to right – front to back, labeling and placing dividers as they go. When it comes time to Re-assemble the repair anyone in your organization can do so with ease and confidence, unloading “The Pan” right to left – back to front.
  • Pan Rails – We created these rails to allow you to store “The Pan” underneath any of the parts carts shelves.  This opens up the shelf so you can store additional parts.