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Goliath G1A “Go Cart”

The Goliath G1 Powered Mobile Workstation Cart boasts an innovative and rugged chassis that has been specifically designed and tested for use in the most demanding industrial environments.

By offering “desk on wheels” functionality to the employee, the cart brings all of the applications, printers and other technology where it is needed most! This dramatically increases organization, productivity, and accuracy.

And, because the G1 is self-powered and can run up to four days on a single charge, its use is only limited by the owner’s imagination. The value proposition is simple – the cart eliminates wasted steps and distractions AND improves accuracy! Keep your employees on the go with the “Go Cart”.

Please Note: Battery Not Included.

About The Goliath G1A “Go Cart”

Cart WITHOUT technology (laptop, printer, 2nd Monitor, USB Hub etc.)

Custom configurations are also available.

– Locking Upper Box
– Laptop Compartment
– Battery Indicator
– Charging System
– Large Off-Road Casters
– Swivel & Locking Front Casters
– Foot Rest
– Slide Out Printer Tray
– Push Handles

G1 Mobile Computer Workstation Cart is the world’s most rugged powered mobile workstation system providing “desk on wheels” functionality that allows companies to have a fully functional computer workstation with power where it is needed most. As a result your employees are more productive, estimates are more accurate and multiple layers of wasted employee time are eliminated! The G1 Cart is ideal for estimating, blueprinting, teardown, supplements, total loss estimating, parts ordering and more! The value proposition is easy… eliminate waste and improve accuracy!

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